Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Quadruple Posting?

I promise, I'm not going to cross-promote my blogs every time, I just felt that since I did it for the last one I should do the same for this one, which is basically "part 2". See the Love Lesson after The Shack...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Double Posting

Check out today's post on my other blog. The subject matter is too good to miss!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Adventure

Yesterday hubby and I drove the kids down to a friend's house at the Jersey shore. Shortly after we got on the Garden State Pkwy, our right rear tire blew! The van started shaking but O easily maneuvered it onto the shoulder where he could change the tire. We only had a donut, but it was fine. He took maybe half an hour to change it and then we were back on the road. It was weird and interesting, observing myself through the whole thing. My first thought was, "Wow, praise Yahweh that we're all ok." Then a few minutes later, I thought, "Oh, that's right, we forgot to pray and plead the blood of Yahshua before we left, no wonder." But I was so calm and completely unphased throughout the whole situation. It was kinda cool. I had a great time hanging out w/everybody all day and didn't give the tire another thought until we were driving home. This time we remembered to pray :-), and just took it a little easy back up to NY. No further incidents.

As much as I may be painfully aware of my flaws on a daily basis, I am definitely growing, and this little adventure proves it. Go me!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Announcing: The Deeper Life

My husband and I are a part of this discipleship program. If you or your friends or even your whole church are interested in joining, leave a comment or message through this blog and I’ll get you connected…

Would you like to know God?
Would you like to know your destiny and purpose?
Would you like to help other people in a meaningful way?

If ‘Yes’ was your answer to any of these questions, then we would like to help you. There is a way to banish doubt without ending the questions. There is a way to fulfillment and significance. True and lasting love is not fleeting or temporary. Your heavenly Father is calling you to Him and He has asked me to help you to know that you know Him. He has asked me to train you to train others and through this process you will be given to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God and you will be a distributor of eternal life, which includes joy and faithfulness.

Would you like to be God’s friend?
Would you like to have friends who will stick with you?
Would you like to be a person that others would cherish as a friend?

There is a way, but you are going to have to seek it out. You are going to have to find within yourself the strength to make an effort to make a change in your life. Decide right now to live the life that you were created to live. If you will do that, then we will do all that we can to help you to achieve that. Contact us now and let’s get started.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hebrew: The Live Love Language

Over the weekend I had some quality alone time with Yahweh (God) during which He showed me some very exciting things about Hebrew, His favorite language. I worked on a book about the Hebrew letters with my pastor last year, so I already knew a good deal about Hebrew, but this time He gave me a bigger-picture view -- at least of the first 10 letters. It was so wonderful to me that I was weeping as He was showing it to me, and afterward I felt all warm and tingly and completely at peace. It was awesome.

So hopefully I'll do the revelation justice here. Everyone's heard of romance languages, right? Spanish, French, Italian... well as great as these languages are, they don't hold a candle to Hebrew, which is the only official love language, and the only living language. Don't get all caught up in thinking that I'm saying one culture or group of people is superior to others -- believe me, I'm not. God loves everyone in every culture and can speak to them in their own languages no problem. But His native language is actually Hebrew. He used it to create the entire universe, and it's His very DNA. How can I say such a thing, you ask? Stay with me...

Like I said, Hebrew is the only language that's alive, and the Hebrew alphabet is a love story from beginning to end -- alef to tov. The best part about this love story is that whoever you are, in whatever time period you live, in whatever culture you live, it is always a love story between you and your creator, Yahweh. It is timeless and therefore always current, and it is always personal. It's you and Yahweh, eyeball to eyeball.

The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is alef. It looks like this: א
Hebrew letters also have numerical values, and the value of alef is 1. It also has a value of 26, however, because it's made up of three other letters -- the diagonal line is a vav, and the shorter curved lines above and below it are two yuds. It's a bit complicated to get into on a blog, but this letter is actually a picture of Yahweh and man eternally intertwined. This letter represents Yahweh Himself, but right in the center of Him is the vav, which represents man (or woman). We were always in Him, from the very beginning, and we can not be separated from Him. He surrounds us at all times, in visible and invisible ways, and He asks that we trust Him. The man is off balance in this picture, but supported by Yahweh -- which shows that He'll sweep you off your feet and love you like you've never been loved before if you're willing.

The second letter is the bet: ב
It has a value of two. Because of who Yahweh is -- love -- two eventually had to come from Him, the One. He always had in Him the desire to love man, and so man was always destined to exist as long as Yahweh existed and exists. The two here represents agreement and partnership, but also duality, dichotomy, disagreement. Love is not really love unless free will is involved. You can't love a robot or a clone. Although the potential for pain now exists, so does the potential for great creativity. The heavens and earth were founded on this letter and this principle.

Next is the gimel: ג, which is equal to the number 3.
The gimel is the fruit of the previous two coming together. Their creativity has birthed a new being, which is the upright or rich man. This man is mature and always giving. He/she performs acts of kindness continually, ensuring that all hindrances to others' growth and development are removed.

Soon the gimel makes the choice to humble himself even to his own detriment, and becomes the dalet, or poor man: ד
He is a willing servant now -- although he is still that upright man, he has chosen to serve rather than be served.

As this man is bent over, bowing to carry another's burden, Yahweh breathes His Spirit, His nature into his nostrils, represented by the fifth letter, the heh: ה
He fills him up so much (with His love, His capacity, His nature), that he once again becomes upright as the vav: ו
which has a value of 6 and represents man, because man (males and females) was created on the sixth day.

Now we have the answer to the question, "What is man that Thou art mindful of him?" This glorious creature, that always existed at the core of Yahweh's being, that was made in His image and likeness and given so much care and attention before he even drew his first breath! This is you! This is why Yahweh loves you so much. He knows your true identity, although you are completely ignorant of it... until now, that is. Too late, you've already heard it, and now you are accountable for it. :-)

So now man is perfected, complete, and he receives his crown, as we see in the zayin: ז
Zayin has a value of 7, which is a number of wholeness and completion. This is our goal and our daily decision -- to walk as this crowned man who is led by the Spirit and not as the fallen man we were born into. Now that we are crowned we are ready to enter into the eternal covenant of marriage with our maker, which brings us to the chet: ח

Chet has a value of 8 and represents a chupa, or wedding canopy. You are the bride (guys too) and Yahshua (the visible Yahweh) is the groom. 8 is the number of new beginnings; you enter into a new life together and again are ready to bear fruit.

The tet ט, which has a value of 9, represents a pregnant woman and, more specifically, the 9 months of pregnancy. This tells us that even though we've entered into the marriage covenant, we still need patience -- we may think we're ready for everything, but He may have other plans; Yahweh's timing is perfect and we must trust Him to always have us in the right place at the right time.

Then comes another stage of completion. The yud represents the number 10: י
It is said to be the hand or finger of Yahweh and thus is called the point of creation. It's the moment at which pen meets paper and a new chapter begins. You are now a co-creator with Yahweh, and from here on out everything you touch will be magnified (the values of the letters begin to count by tens from the yud, and then after the next 10 they count by 100s). Your power and influence is multiplied, so now you need to stick closer to Him than ever.

And He gave me all of this on just a short drive to Trader Joe's on Saturday. Isn't He amazing?! I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the love story... the last 12 letters. Hopefully I won't have to wait 'til we run out of groceries. :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Your Brain is An Antenna

I've heard this for years from my pastor but I just want to put it "out there" for anyone who may stumble upon it because it was a huge revelation to me when I first heard it. This concept has saved me so much grief, aggravation, confusion, guilt, etc. over the years. It's very simple, as the truth usually is. Here goes...

Your brain is not a "thought factory" that produces original thought. In fact I'll go so far as to tell you you've never had an original thought in your entire life! Sorry if that offends you. Your brain is actually an antenna that picks up transmissions from the unseen spiritual world all around you. These transmissions come from one of two camps -- Yahweh's/God's camp, or Satan's. Positive, life promoting, encouraging, loving, creative thoughts come from Yahweh. Negative, doubting, skeptical, angry, hating, destructive, confusing, worrisome, stessful, lack-conscious, guilty, depressing thoughts come from Satan.

I highly recommend tuning in to Yahweh's station and staying there. All other stations, and there are many, will ruin your life in various ways and to varying degrees.

Don't be so proud as to think you've got everything figured out. What you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste with your meager 5 senses makes up less than 1% of the reality you live in, and your lifetime is barely even the tiniest blip in the history of the universe. You are a tiny receiver that will stay tiny until you link in to the network that created you. As soon as you do get linked, though, you have access to everything the Creator himself is and has. Receive love. Receive limitlessness. Or be a tiny forgotten blip. It's your choice.